So you teach UltraSound, but you have no clue how to make it sound & fun? No need to stress nor lose any sleep over it, my friend! My homemade fun remedies coming right up! No more killing by power point… It’s not a bad tool after all, but deadly in overdose! Especially if you overload it with text and diagrams. Use a picture – tell a story! Make your audience laugh!!!

I won’t pretend I can sound smarter than  Matt & Mike, Lord Stone or Lady SonoSpot, but I can help you build in the fun factor into your soundest ultrasound teaching!!! Right mouse click – „save image as” – and all those crazy slides are yours!!! Let me know if you have any trouble getting it to work – I can always email them to you! I’ll post them as I go… Some motivational slides will come as well! Today a few for a good start – way more in planning phase!

Please let me know what you think of this initiative!!!

[PS] My sincere thanks to all the unknown authors of the images I dug out on the Internet! If you want to claim any of them, please let me know – I’ll gladly add your reference!


Teaching ultrasound moves to 60+ers? Any trouble explaining the concept of rotating, sliding and fanning? Just have them do the Twist…

Basic ultrasound moves for 60+ers


Want to spice up your echo lecture?

Who would thinkg that CHF can be so naughty


Talking about ultrasound in trauma? Who said you need to traumatize the audience?!


Ultrasound in Trauma


Trouble motivating your learners to scan for the right reasons? Give them some selfish reasons! Guilt them right into it!

3 selfish reasons to scan