Tying knots in the CORD - The Influencers

I am about to leave Denver after attending CORD Academic Assembly 2013. Hopefully, mysterious Triton won’t prevent me from leaving the Mile High City. Quite a few attendees have actually changed their travel plans in anticipation of this major winter storm, but so far so good – at 2 in the morning my 7 AM flight is still „on-time”. However, it’s neither the power of nature nor airline drama, but the very magic of FOAM which inspired me to write this post. It’s been my first trip to the annual gathering of EM educators from across the United States (and overseas, if I am not mistaken). Academic curiosity and a poster presentation drove me to attend this conference. I knew I’d learn a lot, but I did not expect that a second year resident could actually make any meaningful contributions. While it might have gone unnoticed to the close-knit crowd of residency administrators, a PGY-2 (in me) has actually tied quite a few knots in the CORD this year. Just look at those stats above (@kasiahamptonmd)… Thanks to the #FOAMed conversation (#CORDAA2013) pearls of wisdom from the conference have been followed by many more participants than the lecture halls could ever accommodate. How powerful is that! In Denver I heard we (=residents) should take charge and be invested in our residencies… I’d say we should participate in the making and reshaping of our EM education at the (inter)national level. Let’s „flip the classroom” and make it entirely learner-centered. If you are still wondering how, here is the ultimate answer:


Below you can find a small collection of my personal picks from the #CORDAA2013 conversation! There is way more out there – just about anything you can think of in the world of academic EM and teaching!