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10000… You might wonder why on earth would I pick a number as a title of my blogpost… The answer is: to make you wonder 😉 and to mark a major milestone! Unfortunately not my own, but one that I would hope to reach some day.

Can you imagine having physically trained 10000 emergency physicians in bedside ultrasonography? Not only through a textbook, or a #FOAMed resource of some sort, but via actual classroom interaction! Well, I just got off the phone with Steve Socransky. He and his colleague, Dr. Ray Wiss, can certainly claim this kind of an achievement. Their initiatives led to the creation of Canada’s National ED Ultrasound Course (a.k.a the EDE Course and the EDE 2 Course). Check it out & make sure to follow the EDE Blog!

Reflecting on my conversation with Steve I must say that a good basic ultrasound course is absolutely priceless! Learning how to scan and being able to generate clinically useful images is quite an art indeed… Having obtained more than 2000 sono studies (stopped counting at 2000 a few months ago), I have to admit that mastery of bedside ultrasonography is a life-long commitment rather than a matter of a few scans. While the equipment is getting smaller and more capable of generating gorgeous images, our patients tend to get bigger and less echogenic. Every single scan should be treated as a valuable and humbling exercise in perfection. Humility and healthy self-criticism tend to save lives. Boastful overconfidence has quite the opposite effect.